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July 18th, 2011

Brass Spoons, Embroidered To-Do Lists, and the Brainweasels of DOOM

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Ok. So. Currently - and for the next year - my life breaks down thusly on any given day:

* go to work
* do schoolwork

* do household chores

* write
* draw

And that's not even taking into account things like my hobbies of reading, knitting, model making, or playing games. Those all get shoved on the back back back burner. They're "hobbies". Writing and drawing is not a hobby, it's my anti-drug and sanity salvation of choice.

So on any given day I have 5 broad categories of things which require completely different brain states in order to do. My brain HATES doing anything in halves, so it tends to throw up roadblocks - either I can sit down and complete something, utterly, or I have the absolute worst time trying to convince myself to 'waste' the time 'fiddling' with it. Because it won't be done at the end of it, so it's not knocked off my to-do list, so what's the point??

My brain is STUPID, for the record.

[sighs] I have roughly 3 spoons to cope with things on any given day, and on weekdays one of them is automatically given over to social interactions with Other People. v_v (you know, that thing that makes me not snarl and tear into other people because they're rude idiots monkeys and my feline brain classifies them as 'stupid prey'). Which gives me two spoons and five things on the to-do list. I'm usually getting by with breaking one of the spoons in half, which gives me half a spoon for any two of the tasks, one full spoon for an important one (which defaults to the day job) and two get dropped.

Right now, "drawing" is usually the one that gets dropped, along with "household chores". This needs to stop, as there is laundry to put away and dishes to do and a big bang that I really want to do art for (Ladydragon, don't worry! I *will* get stuff done. I've been known to pull off miracles the day before something's due, if I have to - I hope it won't come to that, but there WILL be stuff done for your fic!)

I can't - literally, now that the loans have run out - afford to fail any more classes. I need to write this in large letters on my mental post-it board. I possibly need to occasionally relocate the full spoon from work on slow days (like today) and relocate it to school.

...I'm babbling. This was just sort of the minor epiphany that I had during the commute this morning. It's easier to think about if I look at it as "five things" and then start tackling how I can more efficiently switch between one to the other with less lag inbetween.

July 16th, 2011

[fic] On the Clock chapter 2

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On the Clock, chapter 2 (6101 words)
Fandom: Transformers G1
Rating: NC17 and NSFW
Pairings: Ratchet/Jazz
The disadvantage of a starship half buried into the side of a not-entirely-dormant volcano was that it was, in fact, a scrap slagging not-entirely-dormant volcano.

cliché plot FTW! \o/

July 11th, 2011

New Math and Assorted Other Things

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You know you might have a Too Much Wordage problem when your fic chapters range between 3800-4600 words and your next chapter is outlined as 7 micro mini scenes (choppy, but there's flashbacks involved). So... even if each scene is kept to 500 words (you can laugh, now, as I can easily spend 500 words on scene setting, description, and a few lines of dialog) you're already looking at 3500 words, easy. Add in how long SOME of those scenes are likely to go, and this one could be a monster.

I'm probably going to break 20k before I ever get to the smex (which is, in NO WAY, the end or point of the story. It's a brief interlude in the first third of the story). Ph34r!

Also? I appear to have somehow imported a sane, competent, halfway SMART Skywarp. I'm not quite sure how this happened. I think he must feel like he needs to pick up slack since they're missing Thundercracker right now. O_o

IN OTHER NEWS (aka, RL) I got through my FlashII class with a B (everything I turned in was an A, and then there were two things I knowingly didn't turn it, so there you go.) I am dismayed to learn that the assignments for my next two classes (which are repeats) have been changed - I lost all the work on the laptop crash, but it'd have been nice to at least have a solid idea of what papers I needed to be writing, but now they've gone and changed them all. Argh. Also, the US Dept. of Edu. has ever-so-kindly rewritten and tightened the rules pertaining to online colleges, which means now I have to do MORE work per class in order to be counted as a full time student in good standing. ARGH. NOT IMPRESSED.

I successfully ate a small salad and some pasta for lunch. This is a GOOD thing - I've spent all weekend going "ugh" and "bleagh" around any and all food.

July 7th, 2011

My kingdom for a superior set of headphones!

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Mrph. My work set (standard 'hook over the ear' type) have died. The left ear has no sound unless I hold the wire JUST SO and then don't breathe or anything. Dammit, I've got a million similar cheap sets at home, I'll have to remember to bring one in.

I really would love to find the Perfect Pair of Headphones. I'm just not sure what they ARE. I find in the ear ones to be uncomfortable 99% of the time - the only ones I like are my original iPod earbuds with the bass boosters clipped to them which make them a hundred times better sound quality and comfortableness, but the rubber bits fall off really easy which makes it aggravating and prone to losing them. I've got a pair of super squishy earbuds (literally - you squish the soft foam around and shove it in your ear quick and let it expand to fit your ear. These are super comfy and good sound quality) but the left one ALWAYS wants to fall out for some reason. And they pick up sound from the cord hitting anything (like my chest, or my bag, etc).

Over the ear ones are nice and comfy on my ears - mostly, unless they're either too tight or too loose - but the sound quality suffers in comparison and they tend to bleed noise more, which I try not to do to the people around me.

I *loooooove* my sleeperphones (the soft squishy headband ones) and wore them all winter, but right now, in this heat, the last thing I want is a soft double-thick black headband wrapped around my head. x_x

I'd totally give the bone induction tech a try, but apparently the tech isn't quite as hot as it'd like to be yet (reviews are mixed but mostly center on 'poor sound quality').

Mrph. Why can my personal soundtrack not just follow me around?

(in other news, I do not understand how other people cope with frustrating days if they *don't* have entire casts of characters entertaining/distracting them in their heads. The bunnies and the muses keep me SANE, for reals.)

July 5th, 2011

tl;dr =P

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Things I hate, with extreme loathing:

* my Flash class (not Flash, per se - I'm actually starting to appreciate Flash if it's used correctly. I enjoy the challenge of it. But OMG I loathe this class and can not wait for it to be done and over with... which will be in exactly four more days. v_v)

* my health (everything from the hips down spends alternating parts of every day hurting in some degree because my stupid hip sockets and pelvic cradle can't decide WTF they're doing and compensating for it all makes my knees and the bones in my nearly non-existent arches hurt. Note to self - just because PT let you go doesn't mean you should stop doing the exercises.)

* my weight (see above re: my health. doing something about my weight would be a lot easier if physical activity wasn't either a. somewhat painful or b. impossible [depending on the activity].)

* my appetite (it's the wrong time of the month, I'm constantly STARVING, but I'm not actually hungry for anything in particular. This leaves me perpetually unsatisfied with food as a general topic.)

* Adobe (dear Adobe, despite having saved my project from Flash 5 as a retro Flash 4 file - specifically having done so! - Flash 4 refuses to have anything to do with it. THIS SUCKS.)

* my glasses (which had an accident this weekend when I took them off, put them on the arm of the chair, and then lost them down the cushions and sort of sat on them. The bridge piece is out of whack. I need them for doing distance work - which includes the monster computer at home - but absolutely can't wear them when doing close up art/craft stuff. I took them in and the guy at the shop sort of straightened out the nose pads, but the bridge and the way they press against my temples is still weird. I obviously need (a pretty version!) of those reading glasses chains so that I stop taking them off and putting them anywhere. =P)

Things I love, with glee and sparkles:

* Throwback Mountain Dew, the kind with real sugar in it. SO MUCH BETTER than the usual stuff.

* Having at least a goodly chunk of my music back (I figured out how to rip stuff back off my main iPod).

* Having no immediate deadlines outside of the usual (work, school, one big bang, several ongoing fics - that's a light month for me.)

...obviously, this list needs to be given some hard tweaks so that it balances out in the OTHER direction. v_v

July 3rd, 2011

Paint! That sticks!

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Yesterday was made of lazy and today was sort of made of fail (how HARD is it to find one of those super simple lap desks? You know, the kind with a beanbag on the bottom and a flat surface on top? Answer - Too Damned Hard.) I've successfully watched my stupid classes and now I need to do my stupid project BUT, in the meantime, while my search for a lap desk was fruitless my swing by the hobby store was not, as I assaulted the nearest store employee and finally found out where they keep their primer paint.

One tiny spraycan of white primer paint and taking Starscream apart into his component bits, and wheeeeeee! SO MUCH EASIER than the endless layers of acrylic. It takes silver paint pen like a dream. It's actually a bit overenthusiastic about the actual model paints - turns them so gummy I can't get a smooth coat down. So the answer is to cover everything in primer, then in silver paint, then put a light coat of the appropriate color acrylic over the required bits (the blue and red areas) and THEN slap down the shiny glossy model paint. Four layers is a significant step up from the 6+ I was doing, especially as the silver paint pen dries pretty much instantly, no wait involved.

So this became my "keeping my hands busy while listening to class" project:

oh look, it's a pic! )

And now Starscream is over halfway done! I need to do a gloss sealant coat on all of it and then I can snap him back together... which just leaves me with his hips and one leg left to do. Eeeee! My first model. ^___^

EDIT - Decided the blue Testors on top of blue acrylic is coming out WAY too dark. I want clear metallic blue, not navy, dammit. A brief google turned up that fingernail polish will take off Testors paints - whadya know, I've got a jar of it in the bathroom (the kind with a sponge in the jar, soaked in polish remover, and all you're supposed to do is put your finger in the jar and twist it around, the sponge takes the paint off). So I deconstructed his leg, scrubbed all the parts around, took some Q-tips to the tinier pieces, and now his legs and forearms are back to needing primer so I can start over. Might as well do his brush painted wing to, and then all his bits can match. =P

June 30th, 2011

[tf dotm au fic] More "Mikaela & the Wreckers"

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(PS - my Mikaela is obviously based on and borrowed from [personal profile] white_aster's.)

Sam had forgotten what it felt like. )

Also? (more TF3 thoughts)

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Dear Michael Bays,

While I realize you're trying to be traumatizing and iconic for an entire generation, I would like to point out that for those of us who span both the current and previous generations you have failed. (possibly it IS traumatizing for those under the age of 13, but given the kids I saw sleeping through the later half of the movie and the reports from those with kids, nope, sorry, you failed there too.)

Kudos where kudos belong - Steve Jablonsky writes a damned mean soundtrack score, all of which I've loved. The designers and animators have done a bangup job on creating awesome visuals, and I will forever be thankful for getting to see the bots done as realistic 3D awesomesauce with a side of wow. PETER CULLEN.

But, dear Mr. Bays - I'm pretty sure you couldn't accurately pace yourself out of a wet paper bag, much less through a movie. And your insistence on focusing on humans when we're all there to watch the giant robots - give me a break. I realize you didn't actually WATCH the cartoons, which is probably where the root of the whole problem lies, but if you had you'd have realized that we were all quite happy to go for entire episodes at a time with NO human involvement. The human characters don't have to translate for the bots. The bots do just fine on their own.

And all the gratuitous deaths that you insist on showing in loving slow motion and close up detail... still lack the emotional impact of the first fifteen minutes of the 1980's animated movie. ALL the emotional impact. Missing. Fail, sir. For shame. FAIL.

That's okay, though. It's been some amazing eyecandy and a reasonably B-rated AU fanfic of a ride. I suppose I can live with that. =P

TF3:DotM (au drabbles? already?)

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I can't coherently phrase an actual review of TF3 right now. Especially as my brain was already rewriting movie!canon with my personal canon while I was watching it. So here… have some of what is fast becoming my personal canon, in which Mikaela has become the bay!verse answer to Verity and the Wreckers came with their actual geek. I'd say spoilers, but it's hard to spoil something when I'm writing the AU bits in drabbles.

* * * * *Read more... )

Now wouldn't that have been a much better movie?

Also - things which might be vague spoilers... )

June 27th, 2011

Also, art!

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Oh, wait, we can go public with the TF exchange now... so yeah! There's Dinobots over here on [community profile] the_fic_trader.

(I'll be very surprised if anyone on my flist didn't know that was me - come on, guys, I'm predictable. Given an exchange that accepts art, I do art. ^_^)
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